Photo Gallery

2015 Boat Show
Seth M, Video

2014 Foliage Cruise
Bob F, Video

2009 Foliage Cruise
Jeff M, Video

MWCBC Harrison Christmas Parade.
2015 Harrison Christmas Parade.
View of Bow Decorated
Bow of The Godfather decorated.
Looking down the parade route
Looking down the parade route.

1956 Century Coronado/2006 Foliage Cruise
Skip Mauer, owner

54 Chris Craft

1954 Chris Craft Sportsman
Howard Perkson, owner
2 dunphys

A pair (!) of Dunphy's/2005 Show
Don Spring/Heather Garabedian, owners


"Patience",  50' 1926 Elco Flat Top Cruiser
Eric & Bob Learnard, owner.
2004 Boat Show

2006 lineup

2006 Boat Show

2002 show

2002 Boat Show lineup

century sea maid

1951 Century Sea Maid/2006 show
Theodore Nigro, owner

32 CC

1932 Chris Craft/2006 show
Larry Jamieson, owner
hacker craft

1998 Hacker Craft/2006 show
Garner Bee, owner


1948 Ventnor Utility/2006 show
Robert Little, owner
60 Lyman

1960 Lyman/2006 Foliage Cruise
Rick Filiau, owner
foliage cruise

2006 Foliage Cruise
from Howard Perkson's 1954 Chris Craft

2006 Parade

2006 Antique and Classic Parade

2006 boat show

2006 Boat Show
Chris Craft, Lyman

1949 Chris Craft, Ron Stephens, owner
1956 Lyman, Steve Taylor, owner